Riding should be fun! This is Stjarni taking Waket for his third-ever ride:

Mollena returns to riding on Stjarni:

Ljufur loves his human friends! Here he gives Jen a post-ride hug:

Daniel works with Ljufur in a sidepull:

Paul with his old lease horse, Cheyenne:

Paul and the hind end of his current horse, Gemini:

Riding for the whole family!:

Raemin's first tolt Raemin and Jade practice poles Y.T. grooming Ljufur Y.T. rides! Linda rides Stjarni

photos by Y.T. and Jade Wang

Rachie and I took a wonderful trip to ride with Skye and Sally of Tropical Treks in Hawaii:

Our barn owner Laine on her horse Rio -- their favorite ride is Crane Beach, and we go several times a year:

We love the Harold Parker State Forest trails:

Stjarni loves to jump!:

Not everyone is willing to ride in bad weather, but Stjarni and I still manage to have a good time: